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3 Incredible Alaska Fishing Lodges.

Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge

20090829_3218 Our original Alaska fishing lodge awarded the Orvis Endorsed Lodge of the Year in 2005, The Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge, is a remote sport fishing and fly fishing lodge located in the Bristol Bay area of Western Alaska. This area is the pinnacle of Alaska fishing for five species of salmon (Chinook, Sockeye, Chum, Coho, and Pink) and Alaska’s largest rainbow Trout… Read More

Alaska Sportsman’s Bear Trail Lodge

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Located on the Naknek River just 10 miles from Katmai National Park and a short distance from our original lodge in the Bristol Bay area, our newest  and one of our best Alaska fly fishing lodges is located on one of the best rivers in the state. The Naknek River has strong runs of all five species of Pacific salmon and was rated as the #1 river in Alaska for big rainbow Trout…Read More

Bristol Bay Lodge

bbl-2014-web2 Most acclaimed of Alaskan lodges, Bristol Bay Lodge gives you the ultimate adventure – A combination of back woods exploration, flying beyond the edge of civilization to cozy outpost camps, with the comforts of an Alaskan vacation. The classic Alaskan experience and the unique opportunity to access untapped waters is why people return, year after year..Read More

Searching for a luxury Alaska fishing vacation? We operate three of the best Alaska fly fishing lodges located on some of the most productive sport fishing rivers in Alaska. Let us help you choose the lodge that will suite you best and give you the perfect basecamp for an unforgettable Alaska fishing trip.

How Do Alaska Fishing Lodges Operate?

Many lodges in southwest Alaska operate on a program of "Daily fly-out-fishing." What this means is that everyday, ALL the guests must pack up into an airplane and fly to a different destination to spend the day because there are limited or no fishing opportunities by the lodge that are easily accessible by boat. Fly-outs do have some advantages in that you will be able to see some fabulous remote streams and some very rugged and breathtaking country.  However, there are some huge drawbacks to staying at an Alaska fishing lodge that REQUIRES fly-outs in order to get to any fishing.  First, you will have to contend with the ever-changing weather.  As pilots that operate in the area, which I am one of them, I will tell you that there are days through the season in the Bristol Bay area that you should not or cannot fly.  The biggest constricting element on adverse weather is FOG and lack of visibility.  If you are at an Alaska fishing lodge that must fly you out you run the risk of being stuck at the lodge playing cribbage waiting for the conditions to improve.  Secondly, by having to fly out everyday you are stuck with a limited fishing time in order to accommodate the lodge schedule for diner.  The third thing to consider when choosing a lodge that must fly out in order to get you to fishing spots is that this amount of flying can take a toll on some people.  If you or your fishing partner decides not to get on the aircraft in the morning, you will not be able to fish that day.

What the Best Alaska Fishing Lodges Offer

The best Alaska fishing lodges will offer the angler a combination of both fly-out fishing and trophy fishing on their "Home" river—the river the lodge is located on. It is also very important to pick a lodge that emphasizes a high quality Alaska experience where every detail is looked after and no corners are being cut.  Remember, you get what you pay for!  The Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge, Alaska Sportsman’s Bear trail Lodge, and Bristol Bay Lodge all operate programs in a manner that will make sure that you have a quality trip with professional staff, first-class accommodations, a strong concerns for safety, 5-star restaurant quality food, and the assurance that you will be able to fish everyday. By being on a trophy river—a river that is at many times throughout the fishing season is the river that fly out only lodges are trying to get to—combined with fly out fishing opportunities, you will have ensured yourself of the absolute best Alaska fishing experience possible.  As I stated above, Fog is the main condition that prevents fly outs from happening.  However, fog certainly does not prevent us from taking our boats from our docks and fishing in very close proximity to the lodge.  You have excellent fishing right out your front door!  Our fly out program also takes advantage of the strategic locations of each Alaska fishing lodge and is able to be at many different rivers with just a short 15-25 minute flights.  Again I will state that fly outs enhance the fishing trip tremendously by giving you the opportunity to see new rivers, be where the fish are, and see some awe-inspiring country.  We thoroughly enjoy our fly out program and taking clients to these special places.  However, I can tell you it is very nice to have an Alaska fishing lodge located on a great river with wonderful fishing that is right out the front door by boat!  Guests at all three of our Alaska fishing lodges are ensured of being able to fish everyday of their trip on a world-class river teeming with salmon or resident fish.

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