Our Fishing Program

bbl_057 For the past forty-two years, we have extensively explored and fished the Bristol Bay region and Western Alaska.

Based on this experience we have designed and fine-tuned a fishing program that maximizes your fishing opportunities. During your stay with us at Bristol Bay Lodge, you will fish a different location each day and have the opportunity to catch every species of fish available to you during any given week.

Each evening you’ll be informed of your next day’s fishing adventure by a guide assigned to prepare you for the next day. Every aspect of the coming day will be explained, and you’ll be fully informed and confident that you are prepared for whatever the next day brings.

Bristol Bay Lodge has six different and spectacular fishing destinations, and each fishery you visit will be unique and memorable. Four of these fisheries will be utilized in your two overnight camp experiences, and two will be fished from the lodge, as day fisheries.


Fishing From the Lodge

Two of Alaska’s most renowned fisheries, The Agulawok and Agulukpak Rivers are ‘home-waters’ for Bristol Bay Lodge. These fisheries provide some of the regions most productive and consistent fishing for rainbow trout, arctic char, grayling, and Dolly Varden.

Additionally, these rivers are host to one of the largest sockeye salmon runs anywhere in the world. On average, several million sockeye salmon return to the Wood-Tikchik lake system each year, and most pass through these two rivers. The first sockeye salmon are usually caught around the 4th of July. When the time is right, it’s not unusual to catch limits of these noble fish before lunch and spend the afternoon pursuing rainbow trout, arctic char, and grayling.

You will fish each of these legendary rivers, as a day-fishery, returning to the lodge in the evening.

Our Over-Night Camps

bbl_027 Bristol Bay Lodge maintains exclusive leases on two of the most exceptional fisheries in all of Western Alaska, and it’s on these very different rivers where you’ll spend two nights, and experience what Alaska is really about.

The overnight experiences at our two camps are possibly the best wilderness experience in Alaska today, and they are often remembered as the highlights… in the trip of a lifetime.

Located northwest of the lodge, and north of the tree line, is Birch Creek Camp. This camp is strategically located on a braided and meandering tundra stream. In addition to all five species of Pacific salmon, you’ll find marauding rainbow trout, enormous arctic grayling, and an incredible population of sea-run Dolly Varden.

Directly west of the lodge, located below the confluence of two exceptional rivers, and on the tidewater of the Bering Sea, is Rainbo Camp.

Those who have spent time at Rainbo camp lovingly describe it as “the end of the earth”, a place where the wind in the grass brings whispers of ancient times. The camp is located on tidal water, at the edge of the Bering Sea, and every tide brings with it the promise of a fresh run of salmon… just minutes from the saltwater.

A trip to one of our remote overnight camps begins like every other day at the lodge. After breakfast you will depart from the dock, at 8:00 AM, in one of our three de Havilland Beavers. You’ll enjoy a scenic 30-minute flight and land at one of our two spike camps on the Togiak River, where you will be met by guides who live on the water they fish, and know it intimately.  Both of our camps on the Togiak River offer fishing for all five species of Pacific salmon, rainbow trout, and a prolific run of anadromous Dolly Varden. Our camp on the upper Togiak River is world-renown for its Dolly Varden and silver salmon, and at times, the fishing for rainbow trout can be extraordinary.

Both Togiak River camps are near several smaller tributaries, and when the conditions are right, they offer excellent small-water fishing for rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, and silver salmon.

After a memorable day of fishing on the Togiak, you will begin the final leg of your journey to one of the overnight camps, arriving in the late afternoon. On the short walk to your camp, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the stunning beauty and the placid serenity inherent to remote Alaska. When you arrive at the camp, you’ll be made comfortable, enjoy a light snack, and gear-up for your next fishing adventure.

You’ll fish until evening, enjoy a memorable dinner with your friends, and then return to the river and fish as late as you’d like. A comfortable night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast the next morning will prepare you for the next full day of fishing. You will return to the lodge the next evening at 5:30 PM.

While these camps may seem to be on the very edge of the earth, they are well appointed, comfortable, and safe.

Both camps have three private, carpeted, and heated guest tents with two fixed beds, and fresh linens. On these beds you’ll find warm, full sized sleeping bags with fleece liners. The camps have running water, with a full service lavatory and shower. In addition to the three guest tents, each camp also has a main cook tent that is used for serving breakfast and dinner. It also serves as a central meeting place for the beginning and ending of each day. This is where you’ll share fishing stories and laughter often late into the night. The camps are staffed with two experienced guides as well as a camp chef to take care of all of your needs. Both camps have state of the art satellite phones should communication with the lodge be necessary.

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