Coho Salmon – Alaska name “Silver”

Many anglers classify the Silver salmon as the most exciting and acrobatic fish to catch.  It would not be out of line to give this fish the nickname as the Bully of the salmon.  The aggressiveness of this fish is amazing.  While sight casting to pools of these fish in crystal clear streams you will see two, three, and even four fish move towards your fly or lure.  It is very exciting.  Then once hooked, these brutes of the Pacific will make run after run trying to loose the hook.  The silvers that we fish range 8 – 16 pounds.

Techniques for catching Silvers

Conventional gear – You can either fish from the anchored boat or wade into the water from the banks.  Either way, you will be casting lures and retrieving them erratically causing commotion in the water.  Be ready because the strike is powerful and explosive!

Fly Fishing –The fly fishing opportunities for these fish are excellent.  The fly fisher can even use “Top water” flies such as a Pollywog.  We recommend that the fly fisher use an 8wt with floating line and a 12’ leader system with either a weighted streamer fly or a non-weighted top water fly.  You will be sight casting to allot of these fish.

Best dates: July 28 through September

Best dates:July 28 through September 20

Other fish at these times: Chum Salmon July 15—Aug 15; Rainbow Trout Aug 20—Oct 6; Arctic Grayling, Pike

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