Daily Routine

20090824_1495 The Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge operates on a “No set schedule” and unlimited guided fishing time policy. You will work with your guide and discuss the type of fishing and how much fishing you would like to do. Each evening the lodge manager will discuss the fishing options available to you for the next day. You will then choose which option you would like. You may decide to fly-out for the day, go on a float trip for the day, or to stay and fish the Kvichak. The great thing about the Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge is that because of our location, you have a tremendous variety of choices for each day.

If you choose to fish the Kvichak, your guide will use boats to transport you within a seven-mile radius of the lodge. Many times you will be able to see the lodge while you are landing your fish. Your guide will have your boat ready and will be waiting for you on the dock each morning.

A typical day on the Kvichak is as follows:

6:30 through 8:00 AM Breakfast made to order.
You can eat at anytime between 6:30 and 8:00 AM.
You will fish until 11:45 AM. You are back at the lodge for a lunch.
You are on the river again by 1:15 PM and fish until 5:30 PM.

Cocktails and appetizers at 6:00 with dinner at 7:00

We have a 9:45 PM curfew on the guides at which time they need to have all guests back at the lodge. The only times that are fixed are the meal times. You can work with your guide to plan out whatever fishing schedule you would like.

If you are on a fly-out for the day, you will depart the lodge after breakfast and be at a remote location for the day. You will return to the lodge before dinner each day.

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