Daily Routine

20090827_2454 Upon arrival at our lodge, our Fishing Program Manager will meet with you to discuss the type of fishing you would like to do and what options are available during your stay.  It is important to remember that weather controls our ability or lack there of, to accomplish the fly outs each day.  Each evening the Fishing Program Manager will discuss with our guide staff as to what rivers fished good and what rivers did not.  He will then also check with the pilots for a weather forecast for tomorrow, so he can put together the schedule for the next day.  It is important for you to give feedback to your guide as to the type of fishing you like and if you find that a specific river or type of fishing fits your desires more so than another.  The great thing is that because of our locations of the lodges, you have a tremendous variety of choices for each day.

If you choose to fish the Kvichak or Naknek, your guide will use boats to transport you within a seven-mile radius of the lodge.  Many times you will be able to see the lodge while you are landing your fish.  Your guide will have your boat ready and will be waiting for you on the dock each morning.

We allow guests to fish after dinner in June and July if they wish, however, we have a 9:45 P.M. curfew on the guides at which time they need to have all guests back at the lodge.  We do have fixed times for aircraft departures and mealtimes at the lodges, but other than those you can you can work with your guide to plan out whatever fishing schedule you would like.  If you are on a fly-out for the day, you will depart the lodge after breakfast and be at a remote location for the day. You will return to the lodge before diner each day.

A typical day on the Naknek is as follows:

Breakfast made to order begins at 5:45 AM.

You will depart the lodge at 7:00 AM for a day of fishing on the Naknek River.

Lunches will be served riverside by your guide. You will then fish the river until approximately 5:00 PM.  Cocktails and appetizers are in the main lodge at 6:30 PM and dinner is at 7:30 PM each night.

A typical day with fly outs from the Naknek is as follows:

The first thing to keep in mind about any fly out program is that the weather controls everything that we do.  We are located in a remote part of the world and we are flying in a rugged wilderness where weather conditions change rapidly and sometimes unexpectedly.  We schedule fly outs the night before based upon weather predictions and also fishing conditions.  If you are scheduled to be on a fly out, we want you to have breakfast right at 5:45 AM so you have time to prepare for the excursion.  You will depart the lodge after breakfast and spend the day on a remote river.  Your guide will either prepare a shore lunch or have sandwiches for you.  You will return to the lodge sometime between 4:30 and 5:30 PM.

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